Are traditional air mattress inhibiting patient mobility?

Monday 14th August 2017

With an emphasis on patient mobility and the benefits of getting the patients ‘up and going’, it has raised questions over how Pressure Care mattresses are prescribed. Are we considering for the patients rehabilitation and mobility, ensuring that the surface they are on isn’t hindering this important process? With so many different mattress types available and much clinical evidence around the performance of each, it is often easy to overlook this key question.
The below comparison shows the benefits of a later technology high risk mattress over against the traditional alternating air; both options offer the same  high level of pressure care:

Traditional full air mattress
•    Dips out and sinks in, making it difficult to sit on the edge
•    Inhibits in bed mobility
•    Difficult to reposition the patient
•    Patient acceptance is low due to noise, temperature (cold) and comfort issue.

New Technology air mattress
•    Supportive surface allowing patients to perch on the side
•    Great for in bed mobility
•    Better surface for repositioning, particularly with slide sheets/hovermatts
•    Much higher level of comfort and simpler/quieter air pump.

Consider for early mobilization when selecting a mattress

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