Mattress Rental: Why use something that's broken?

Friday 24th March 2017

Essential HelpCare ask the question: With all the technology available to hospitals today, why is a rental model that began in the early 1980's still in use?

As a supplier of rental services to hospitals, Essential HelpCare have witnessed first hand the financial resources required and allocated to pressure injury prevention surfaces. With this issue in mind, Essential HelpCare have allocated their own resources to work closely with globally recognised industry speakers and academic authors in an effort to produce some answers.  

Together, they have complied a number of questions that those continuing to operate this traditional rental approach should ask themselves;

These questions should be asked to ensure their spend is justified, they are taking advantage of the latest technology, they are actively implementing best practise methods and most importantly, they are doing what is best for the patient. 

Many hospital's have found their answers to be unsatisfactory and inconsistent with their best practise methods, which is why Essential HelpCare have developed a new ‘right patient, right device, right time’ model for hospital rental services.

Essential HelpCare have introduced a new patient assessment app that allows each DHB to customise patient care criteria. This integrated approach ensures better use of financial resources, better patient and staff outcomes, and Essential HelpCare even go that step further and ensure the service is free if the intended outcome is not achieved. 

Ask yourself the above questions, and then ask yourself again, why is this 30 year old model still in use today?

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